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About Us


Creating Amazing Crafts

Production of the legendary, handcrafted, mahogany Shepherd line of boats originally began in the 1930's. These amazing crafts were famous for providing all the comforts of luxury cruising along with quality construction to ensure a lifetime of boating pleasure. Every now and then, history repeating itself is exactly what we hope for. Shepherd Boat Company has begun production of new custom wood crafts. They are back and better than ever. The new contemporary interior styling is designed with today's user in mind. These versatile wood boats are made for real life, not just for looks. Whether swimming off your custom swim platform, waterskiing, fishing or cocktail cruising, we've taken all your needs into careful consideration. Shepherd boats marry modern power and amenities with a tried and tested quality hull design. Our new hulls are built to original specifications but are stronger than ever. Their high sides and solid framework make them superior boats for big lakes.

We endeavor to make sure that Shepherd boats are around to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Where We Started

We started out as a small antique boat restoration shop, Bergersen Boat Company, based in Lake Geneva, WI. We restore all makes and models of wood boats. But after an extensive restoration of a 27' Shepherd we really fell in love with these boats. The quality of the Shepherd exceeded that of any other boats we had worked on. Since then we have personally owned and restored countless Shepherds for our clients. We have created quite a following and were finding that these boats are hard to come by in the United States and often requires a trip to Canada to acquire one. The replacement parts are even harder to find. With their popularity and the demand from our customers' growing, we decided it was time to step up to the plate and bring the Shepherd back to life. Their striking lines and the effortless way they glide across the water make these boats too beautiful to be relics of the past. We endeavor to make sure that Shepherd boats are around to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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